My Take On Adulting!

"Adulting is an informal term to describe behavior that is seen as responsible and grown-up."   I often hear people wish they were young again. Many would refer to the days when they were kids and had no responsibilities. Their lives were care-free and they did not have to worry about paying bills, being honest, giving … Continue reading My Take On Adulting!

Don’t Doubt Your Potential

Potential has been described as "having or showing the capacity to develop into something in the future." I believe everyone has the potential to be successful at anything they are passionate about. I also believe that everyone has the potential to build strong characteristics / attributes that help them develop physically, emotionally and I suppose spiritually. … Continue reading Don’t Doubt Your Potential

Motivation Monday – Steer clear of the negativity in your life — Level Up

We are constantly surrounded by negativity. We see it in social media, and we hear it from friends and family. It is nearly impossible to avoid it. It is always good to try motivate those around you to stay positive, but there are many that just won’t listen. Those are the ones that will need […] … Continue reading Motivation Monday – Steer clear of the negativity in your life — Level Up

Social Acceptance vs Being Human

We live in times were it is preferred to seek social acceptance than to be respectful to others and mindful of our actions. Social media has made this situation worse by allowing people to hide behind their phones and victimize those that appear weak or are easy targets. There is a lot of pressure on … Continue reading Social Acceptance vs Being Human