Giving Up is For Losers

Stop being a wimp! Yes, I am talking to you. It's about time you stopped being a coward and started believing in yourself. 'Success favours the brave'  they say and there is really no space for losers at the top of the pyramid or the food chain. I was never one to take risks and over … Continue reading Giving Up is For Losers


Social Acceptance vs Being Human

We live in times were it is preferred to seek social acceptance than to be respectful to others and mindful of our actions. Social media has made this situation worse by allowing people to hide behind their phones and victimize those that appear weak or are easy targets. There is a lot of pressure on … Continue reading Social Acceptance vs Being Human

ACRIMONY: My Personal Review of This Tyler Perry Movie!

Good afternoon readers, I would like to start by breaking the silence on my blog and there's no better way to do it than with a movie review. I have been quite busy over the last few weeks attending to some personal commitments and barely found the time to write. However, I do have so … Continue reading ACRIMONY: My Personal Review of This Tyler Perry Movie!